Hugo Chavez Back In Venezuela And Glad To No Longer Be The Second Craziest Leader In The Country

chavez-castroCaracas, Venezuela–Hugo Chavez made a theatrical return to Venezuela, announcing his homecoming via Twitter, and then going into seclusion at a military base while dozens of supporters meandered the streets in tepid celebration. Chavez’s first tweet “Ahe ahill eiahi zosoelt” was initially reported by state media as a moment where the devout Catholic was speaking in tongues. It was later leaked that Chavez was doped up on morphine and accidentally got ahold of his phone. “I am grateful for my time in Cuba and the treatment I received there,” Chavez tweeted. “I am home now, and God is with the Revolution!” Government aides have told the press that, privately, Chavez is happy to be out of Cuba where he was overshadowed by the Castro Brothers. “Cuba was good to him,” an aide said on the condition of anonymity, “But now that he is home, he is once again the top dog.”

An Aging Actor, a Rapper, and a Porn Star…

While that might make for an interesting joke, in reality, those are three prominent people who have thrown their names into this political season by openly supporting either President Obama or Mitt Romney.

While I do believe that more people would be interested in politics or economics if said politicians met in cheap road-side motels with drugs and prostitutes present, it is interesting to see how the candidates court Hollywood and the music industry.

The list for both candidates are rather varied, and the Democrats have the distinct advantage courting Hollywood. The obvious reason Obama or Romney would elect to have the support of these folks is money. Hollywood is a cesspool of cash. The titans of the industry give maximum amounts to various PACs and party groups. The B-listers give what they can.

But there’s got to be another reason.

Why would the DNC be giving Eva Longoria time at the podium at their upcoming convention? Why let Clint Eastwood go “off script” and talk to an empty chair? It is called using the network.

Why else would Romney not publicly say, “no thank you” to super-porn star Jenna Jameson when she said this of the possibility of a Romney win?

“I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office,” Jameson said while sipping champagne in a VIP room at Gold Club in the city’s South of Market neighborhood. “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

English: Jenna Jameson, Culver City, CA on Mar...

English: Jenna Jameson, Culver City, CA on March 11, 2008 – Photo by Glenn Francis of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, it doesn’t look good for a devout Mormon to have a ringing endorsement from the Queen whore of Babylon, but, her 479,810 twitter fans might also vote. And judging from recent tweets, she has a mixed tweeting of upcoming “shows” and political talk. Oddly, there seems to be more political talk. You can read for yourself here. Granted, Ms. Jameson’s choice of profession is a slap in the face of most feminists, and might just send more women into the Sandra Fluke camp. Still, you have to admit, there’s a great many in Hollywood, on both sides of the aisle, that probably feel the way that Jenna Jameson does.

Mitt Romney isn’t the only one with an interesting support group out of the media/Hollywood set. President Obama made a video cameo at a recent Jay-Z concert. This is the same Jay-Z with lyrics that might make Jenna blush (okay, I doubt it after looking up some of her “film” credits…. Convention Cuties made me chuckle). Obama has said that he has Jay-Z’s music on his iPod. I wonder if he listens to this (from “Money, Cash, Hoes” on Vol 2… Hard Knock Life):

Money cash hoes money cash chicks what
Sex murder and mayhem romance for the street
Only wife of mines is a life of crime
And since, life’s a bitch in mini-skirts and big chests
How can I not flirt with death
That’s life’s a nigga, long as life prevent us
We gonna send a lot and pray to Christ forgive us

Here’s a link to Obama’s video cameo at the Jay-Z concert courtesy of YouTube. Just a note–Jay-Z’s official Twitter page boasts 857,600+ followers that could receive a tweet on election day reminding them to go vote.

Okay, neither candidate has made strong moves here, but there are other media power brokers that back both candidates.

In the battle over Hollywood the DNC has the clear advantage. The pro-Obama camp includes such notables as: Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Oprah, The Jonas Brothers (youth market), Tina Fey, and Anne Hathaway. The Republicans? Ted Nuggent, Chuck Norris, Kelsey Grammer, Gene Simmons, and Clint Eastwood. Nice names but not quite the same drawing power via social media.

Ultimately, it comes down the visibility of these people and the reach they have into the homes of America via their television channels (Oprah), their movies (Spielberg/Hanks/Eastwood), music, and, most of all, their access to their fans via Twitter and other social media. We’ll see what happens as we get closer to November, but I would expect to see an upswing in commercials showing A-listers propping up their candidates. Maybe another chair chat from Eastwood? We’ll have to wait to see what Eva Longoria has planned for Charlotte, but count on it being replayed ad nauseam until November 5th. It’s not like this has been a political season of the issues anyway.