Book Review: Charlotte’s Story–A Bliss House Novel by Laura Benedict

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click on image for Amazon link

Bliss House is an old Virginia manse that holds many secrets. In the fall of 1957, Charlotte Bliss, upon the death of her mother-in-law, becomes keeper of the ominous home along with her husband. Shortly after Olivia Bliss’s death, Charlotte’s daughter Eva dies. Immediately, Charlotte is thrown into the depths of sadness and depression. But is her depression leading her into madness, or is Bliss House trying to show her the truth? When two friends of Charlotte’s husband die, on the way to Bliss House for Eva’s wake, Charlotte soon learns that nothing about Bliss House or the community around her is what it appears.

True to its Southern Gothic roots, Charlotte’s Story is both frightening and revealing. It is a “house” story where Bliss House becomes a significant character in the story, and Benedict gives the house as much depth as the characters themselves. Benedict lulls the reader into her haunting story with an idyllic beginning that quickly spirals into layers of “proper” Southern society hiding terrifying secrets. Full of paranormal elements that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, and an ending that will both shock and horrify, Charlotte’s Story is not to be missed.

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