Sad days when we have to remind parents to be… well, a parent

This was the message from my son’s school district following yesterday’s snow day here in Denver:

All Schools OPEN on Wednesday, Dec. 16

(Wednesday, Dec. 16, 4 a.m.) All schools are open Wednesday, Dec. 16.


Please remember to dress your students warmly for the weather and to allow extra time to make your way to school as conditions may still cause some delays.

Really? We need to tell people that, gee, it is winter. Dress warm. There’s snow on the ground, drive safe. Act like a responsible parent.

I suppose this note came from the district’s legal department which is sadder. Because of the cold weather and slushy, icy streets, if they didn’t post this note, some parent could sue the district because they got in an accident on the way to their child’s school or their child got sick because the parents didn’t think “to dress [their] students warmly.”

What a world!


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