This Trope Is A Croc

I think it began when word went out to gather near the great ship at a specific time. We joined the masses of creatures, some now long extinct, and listened to the message. Of course we were a bit smug when we heard the news, but so were the water fowl and the fish–you can’t forget about the fish. And yet, none of them have gotten a bad reputation. Just because we had a toothy, wide smile and slunk away knowing that we’d survive without his help doesn’t mean that we should be chastised as the Leviathan who would destroy worlds according to your Bible. Of all the character traits Noah could have passed down to you, his petulance hurts us the most.
And it didn’t stop in Biblical times. Today, we are type-cast as the evil ones, the villains, the beast lying in wait within the depths of murky waters and castle moats. Seriously though? Castle moats? When was the last time you saw any of us hanging around in Europe aside from in a zoo?
We’ve spent a millennium trying to reverse this stereotype, but it doesn’t help when the power of Disney corrupts the minds of children who grow to adults who make movies that corrupt more children. From Tick-Tock to Brutus and Nero–of course they were named after two of Rome’s “greatest” right?, we just can’t get a break. I might just be easier for us to bowl a turkey… mmmm, turkey! Keep it together… than to try to change history.
I offer you this: When it comes down to it, we are no more different than the “nobler” creatures of the forest who hunt, kill, and devour. The Lion, the Bear, the Fox are just like us. And you, for that matter, are not that much different than I. You hunt and stalk and prey on weaker species; sometimes just for the thrill of it.
Next time you want a villain, consider yourselves.


Trifecta: turkey, 3rd definition, three successive strikes in bowling


5 thoughts on “This Trope Is A Croc

  1. Okay, I couldn’t resist visiting another story. I love how you weave history into a story, like this about crocodiles. As I live in place with lots of alligators, I can understand this defense. Alligators don’t get treated much better. Last words — It was fun how you turned the table on humans. We are definitely the more violent of all Noah’s creatures, maybe even more than God’s creatures…unless there are more of his/her creatures yet to met:~)

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