Something to Celebrate today! 9 July 2013

On today’s date, sixty-two years ago, the United States formally ended the war with Germany. Yep. 9 July 1951. You can read the request from President Truman to the Vice President (President of the Senate) here.

Why so late?

The answer is complicated in its simplicity, so let me try.

The Soviets.

There’s the simple. Now, the complicated…

After World War II, Germany was torn asunder by the allies (and to a lesser extent the Germans themselves). The Soviets and the United States each had plans for the occupied country. The U.S. followed Wilsonian ideals of self-determination, democracy, and the spread of capitalism. The Soviets, on the other hand, wanted to demolish Germany. They’d been invaded three major times through and by Germany. They vowed never to let that happen again.

Hence, the divided Germany which lasted until 1989.

So. Happy V-E-G day to everyone. Let us all hoist a stein in honor of this momentous day…

…or, like I say, just another excuse history gives me to drink a beer!


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