I am very sorry for the bindings. They are for your own good, you see. And the cage, too. It just has to be this way. If I knew of any other way, I promise, I would do it differently. You have to believe me. I want you to believe me.

And if you would ignore the ravenous look in my eyes. I’ll admit it was lust when I first saw you. We all sin. Coveting. That is my sin. When I saw you I knew I had to possess you. There will be others, of course, but you are the first this year. I won’t hurt you. You will have water when you need it, and you will get fed. I may loosen the bindings later, but for now, I need to keep them tight.

If you would allow, let me take my gloves off so that I may touch you. We each have our vices, and mine are difficult to control even as I hold you. I know that I should leave you alone, but I struggle. I admit it. You will struggle, and you will be uncomfortable at times. I won’t let you die though.

And I am sorry that I have to keep you here behind the shed. Nosy Mrs. Winslow next door is such a busybody. If she ever saw you the ideas in her mind would fly. No. I can’t let that happen. Better to secret you away and indulge in a fantasy of what will come. I hope you will let me continue to come to you with with my fantasies. That’s all I’m left with. A fantasy that I can act out with you. Each day something different.


I can hear the shrew. No, not Mrs. Winslow. My wife.

“Dear, are you talking to the tomato plants again?”


word count–305

This week's Studio 30+ prompt is "elusive" and/or "ravenous"

This week’s Studio 30+ prompt is “elusive” and/or “ravenous”

This week's Trifecta challenge is "fly" third definition from Merriam-Webster

This week’s Trifecta challenge is “fly” third definition from Merriam-Webster


14 thoughts on “Fantasies

    • Yikes! I was trying to imagine someone who was so distant from their own spouse that they had to create some sort of fantasy world for themselves and live it each day. While I was writing I was trying to think what his fantasy would be like tomorrow? Doting parent? Doctor working through delicate surgery? Guess that’s my little fantasy world. Thank you for the like and comment!

  1. This is really disturbing and creepy. Really well done. Reminded me of that guy who kidnapped that girl Jaycee Dugard, it reminded me exactly of that. Really creepy, and even creepier that there’s actually lots of people out there like this. Who knows what’s going on.

    • Thank you for the compliment. A part of me thinks it is creepier that writers are able to come up with these stories. Fact or fiction it is one strange world

  2. Oh my. We never really do know our spouses do we…

    Great job Bryan! Really wonderful story telling. Loved how the narrator is speaking to the victim the whole time, kind of positions us, the readers, as the victim bound by him. Nicely done and thank you for linking up!

      • Hope your day is running a lot smoother than the one who is in bindings… 😉 not hard to beat, I’m sure. I loved the POV in this. You pulled off the whole writing to “you” and it wasn’t even a self help book.

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