Joe Biden Confused on Sequester Shows Up To White House Wearing Pajamas

Obama Biden Double Face Plam


Washington–Joe Biden showed up at the White House yesterday in his pajamas, carrying a tattered blanket wrapped around a well-loved teddy bear his grandmother had given him. Obama was said by aides to be completely puzzled by the Vice-President’s wardrobe. According to White House aide Alice Rigsdale, Biden was eager for the  upcoming sequestration. Obama shook his head and asked, “Have you been watching Law and Order re-runs again?” Biden nodded vigorously, and asked, “So, can we stay at the Hay-Adams or are we going out to the Greenbriar?” Clearly agitated, Obama left the room muttering, “The things I do for George Soros.” Several Vice-Presidential aides had to brief Biden on the difference between jury sequestration and the upcoming fiscal issues facing the U.S. government. “So we don’t get to rent dirty movies on Pay-Per-View,” a puzzled Biden asked.

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