Hugo Chavez Back In Venezuela And Glad To No Longer Be The Second Craziest Leader In The Country

chavez-castroCaracas, Venezuela–Hugo Chavez made a theatrical return to Venezuela, announcing his homecoming via Twitter, and then going into seclusion at a military base while dozens of supporters meandered the streets in tepid celebration. Chavez’s first tweet “Ahe ahill eiahi zosoelt” was initially reported by state media as a moment where the devout Catholic was speaking in tongues. It was later leaked that Chavez was doped up on morphine and accidentally got ahold of his phone. “I am grateful for my time in Cuba and the treatment I received there,” Chavez tweeted. “I am home now, and God is with the Revolution!” Government aides have told the press that, privately, Chavez is happy to be out of Cuba where he was overshadowed by the Castro Brothers. “Cuba was good to him,” an aide said on the condition of anonymity, “But now that he is home, he is once again the top dog.”


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