Obama Using Minimum Wage To Build His Legacy

Obama orders an hamburger and fries at the Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill in Washington

Herndon, Virginia–Beginning a three-day trip around the East Coast, President Obama stopped in at a local burger restaurant, treated his staff, and then spoke about his plan, introduced in the State of the Union, to raise the minimum wage to nine dollars.

“The President is concerned about his legacy,” White House aide John Langmore said. “We chose the one topic that polls well in America: minimum wage.” He went on to say that the President is concerned that history will view him as the man in office who bought his way into the presidency through campaign bribes to low-information voters and welfare recipients. “The Republicans went hard after the President on Obama phones, you-didn’t-build-that, and a campaign that catered to welfare recipients.”

According to Langmore, the President acknowledges that most Americans are lazy pieces of crap who’d rather get something for free than work for it, but he hopes to invigorate the American people by giving them self-respect for a job well done and a decent paycheck in the process. Even Republicans can’t complain with this, and they were left almost speechless. “What about the seventeen-year-old in Iowa who will lose out on a job? Sure we are all about fair work at fair pay, but we are taking it away from the kids,” Henry Samson (R-IA) begged after the State of the Union to an audience of one unlucky janitor.

“If it weren’t for the kids, the adults would have jobs in this country and unemployment would be lower,” chided Langmore between bites of a double-stacked hamburger with cheese, and drips of special sauce on his chin and shirt. He reflected on the high school drop out rates and promised those would drop also with an increase in the minimum wage. “Kids just quit school because it is a job that doesn’t pay. They’re smart. But take the jobs away, what are their alternatives?”

Obama’s legacy will be cemented with this jobs promoting minimum wage bill. It would appear that Obama wants Americans to know that, yes, they did build that. And his preference is medium-well, cheddar cheese, some tomatoes, lettuce, and fries.


One thought on “Obama Using Minimum Wage To Build His Legacy

  1. As it is and has been in so many cases already, Pres. Obama is far more concerned about his welfare and his legacy, than the welfare and the future of the people of this country. In raising the minimum loan by some 24%, Pres. Obama, may very well effectively cause even more unemployment. Think about the fact that not every state has the same affluence level. The median incomes per state may vary wildly. In states where the average income is $60,000 an increase in the minimum loan will not have the same impact as in those states where the average income may only be $30,000. Small companies will typically, in those states, be forced to lay off people since they can no longer afford to pay their salaries, on top of the considerable increase in medical health costs. This president seems to “shoot off the hip” and then when things don’t pan out, blame everyone else under the moon for his failures. The question remains…when are the American people at large waking up and say “enough is enough”! Let’s get this beautiful country back on track by getting people in office who DO care about the people and NOT themselves.

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