I can’t wait for November 6th

Not because there won’t be anymore political ads. No, I enjoy watching those. Really. I do! The are always good for a laugh after a hard day’s work.

And not because the election is over. Really, right now it just feels like the two major parties have laid a rotten goose egg. Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb. The lesser of two equal evils.

I really can’t wait to hear about all the people who complain about having to stand in line to vote. I love watching the news. There stands the intrepid reporter outside a precinct. A line of forty or so people waiting to enter. Microphone in hand; asking people, “How long have you waited to vote?” and “Are you frustrated that you’ve had to wait in line?”

What would make this even better is if there is a cold, near icy, rain pelting the people as they stand, shivering, waiting to cast a vote.

Then the complaints. Whoa is me, I had to wait thirty minutes to vote. It is too cold, why don’t we have elections in the summer?

I also hope that a major telecommunications company plans a release day for their latest tablet or phone around the election. Ooh. Maybe a blockbuster movie in time for Thanksgiving.

Iraqis wait in line to vote

Iraqis wait in line to vote (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People will wait in lines for a Starbucks or a McGriddle, a new iPhone or movie tickets; often camping out over night for the later two. More people have participated in voting for the next American Idol winner than recent elections (worse if you look at state and local elections). There are people in other nations who dodge bullets just to vote.

I suppose we should reconsider what the founding fathers intended with voting: A privilege rather than a right. If you were educated you could rationally, and for yourself, look at the issues/people and make decisions and if you were “land-owning” you were invested in government. Sure, the founding fathers excluded women, but, at the time, they weren’t “educated,” through no fault of their own. Today, they are, and surely could be included in the privilege of voting.

If you aren’t invested enough to give up an hour of your time researching for yourself the candidates, the information, and, most of all, an hour out of your life to vote, maybe you don’t deserve the privilege. For so many, there are other privileges out there that are more important.

So, go have your coffee while you wait for your next iPhone so you can pick the next American Idol, I’ll be reading up on the candidates foreign policy agendas.


2 thoughts on “I can’t wait for November 6th

  1. There are those of us who wait in line to vote, too. Let’s not assume that those who wait in line to reap the rewards of hard earned money are oblivious to the issues and policies that help or hurt this nation.

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