From Elvis’ hips to Ozzy’s tastes to Marilyn Manson

The recent shooting at the Milwaukee sikh temple has resurrected the conversation surrounding “hate music.”  Google “hate music” and you will get nearly six hundred articles connecting the shooter to “hate music”. So, snarky alert…

Here’s my addendum to the styles of music that we should look at:

  1. Country Music: Encourages drinking and driving (big trucks), divorce/cheating, and NASCAR

    Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

  2. Rap: Advocates womanizing, threats/violence, and side-ways hats and sagging pants.
  3. Pop/R&B: Adores youthful narcissism, underage sex, and, worst of all, Justin Bieber.
  4. Shock Rock/Industrial Metal: Idolizes hard drugs, strange make-up, generally anti-Judeo-Christian values, and GWAR.
  5. Emo/Goth: Laments misery, suicide (though not as much as country), the occult, and black as style.

To say that the shooter in Milwaukee was influenced by the music he performed is like saying someone will go and kill based on my missive here. Maybe we need to understand that he developed the ideas and beliefs prior, sought out a like audience/peer group, and used music as his outlet. We need to ask ourselves, “Did Elvis’ hips really lead to promiscuity? Did Ozzy create a new culinary trend? Did Marilyn Manson truly inspire Columbine?” Instead of focusing on the music, maybe we need to focus on the values and relationships the children to teenagers to young adults are developing?


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